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The Moods of London’s Craft Beer

The Mermaid

The Moods of London’s Craft Beer

Can beer have a mood? Can beer be more than just a delicious drink in the glass, but also something metaphysical and mellifluous that transports the drinker to a different plain of contemplation? Beer and travel journalist Adrian Tierney-Jones thinks it can be, in fact his new book The Seven Moods of Craft Beer is a meditation on the moods of beer. 

Join him at the Mermaid where he will taste and discuss the moods of five London beers, as well as chuck in a few beer-flecked tales - including judging beer in the Andes and why taking coca leaves before talking at a craft brewers conference is not a good idea; the brewer who spends a morning getting his hair to look extraordinarily messy, and West Coast IPAs with sea-lions and salmon heads and dentists proud of their Bootle ancestry. Oh and he’ll be desperately trying to hawk signed copies of his book. Should be a good ’un (it says here). 

181 Clarence Rd, London

Thu 10 Aug 2017 - Thu 10 Aug 2017



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