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London Beer (Boars) City @ The Axe

The Axe

London Beer (Boars) City @ The Axe

Beer Boars, an East London beer & home brewing club, is launching a new monthly event during London Beer City!

London Beer (Boars) City will give you the chance to taste a selection of those great 750ml sharing bottles you've been keen to get stuck into. With three venues taking part during London Beer City there will be something for everyone.

In keeping with The Axe's London Beer City theme we will be sampling only American beers at the tasting, and boy are there some special beers in the mix! Each ticket will get the participant 100ml of amazing from EIGHT different sharing bottles (and maybe some draught!). Some of the bottles usually sell for double the cost of the ticket so this is a chance to get yourselves a real deal.

We will taste the beers every 15 minutes allowing you time to try other beers on the bar from the wide selection of carefully curated draught beer brought in specially for London Beer City.

18 Northwold Road

Wed 09 Aug 2017 - Wed 09 Aug 2017



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