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Dual Runnings

The Kernel

Dual Runnings

The Kernel and Partizan will be pouring a parti-gyle beer brewed together and separately. The beers are now nearly two years old, the idea for the beers even older. One beer is brewed with the first wort runnings, is a strong beer; a Quadruple, boiled and fermented at Partizan. The second beer is brewed with second wort runnings and fermented at the Kernel with their house mixed culture, and aged in their foudres.

The intention with the beers is to blend them back together to mimic a traditional pub practice involving adding a bottle of beer to a cask beer adding extra carbonation and lowering the temperature of the latter. These will be available on keg and bottle at the Kernel brewery with suggested blending rates alongside a small selection of other Kernel and Partizan beers all on draught. 

Arch 11, Dockley Road Industrial Estate

Sun 13 Aug 2017 - Sun 13 Aug 2017


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